How to peel a melon Methods for slicing yellow melon and more

How to peel a melon?

Eating a melon It allows you to replenish deficiencies in your body. It is mainly potassium and beta-carotene, but also iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, E, K, B6 and C. Melons consist of 90% water, so they are also a good way to hydrate. There are also several types of melons the most famous are galia (with yellow skin and green flesh), cantaloupe (with green skin and orange flesh), honey (with yellow shell and flesh). If we increase the regularity of eating melons, we can feel less stressed, and this fruit also has a beneficial effect on our eyes and protects against cancer and heart disease.

What you should know about melons?

Melons are fruits that we like to add both to fruit salads and healthy snacks and desserts because they are tasty and, as mentioned above, healthy (they contain many vitamins). There are several types of melon:

  • Honeydew melon,
  • Galia melon,
  • Melon melba,
  • Green melon,
  • Cataloupe melon.

Each of these melon varieties tastes delicious and can be added to various dishes as well as eaten solo or used as a garnish. Either way, it is good to know, How to peel a melon, because this is not as easy as many people think. From this text you will learn details about the techniques for peeling melons.

Peeling the melon step by step

If we already know all the benefits of eating melons, let’s focus on the key thing about peeling it. This should be done when the fruit is fully ripe. This is when, in addition to the positive compounds delivered to the body, we can enjoy its best taste. The question is: When is it ripe?? Well, the skin of the melon should be soft at the stalk, and its smell should be intense. Now that you are ready, let’s get down to business. The melon can be peeled in five steps.

  1. At first, wash it thoroughly on the outside.
  2. Try to cut the melon lengthwise, so that you have two halves. Remember to cut along the longer side.
  3. There are seeds inside the melon. Hollow them out thoroughly, a spoon is best for this.
  4. Now cut both halves as you like, so that you can peel them comfortably.
  5. Using a knife, peel the skin around the fruit.

Peel the melon „from the peel”

It is also different method for peeling the melon. It differs from the first one in that we do not start by slicing the fruit in half, but we start by peeling the whole skin leaving the inside of the fruit untouched. For this you will need a very sharp knife. Only when you have removed the skin from the fruit you can use our Peel the melon or rather, cut it into cubes or any other form in which we would like to serve it.

Peeling the melon in a decorative way

If you are preparing a party, for example. For birthdays, name days or any other occasion it would be a good idea to peel the melon in a decorative way and place it on the table, not to eat it, but just to enjoy the eye of your guests with its beautiful color and freshness. Then it is worth using a special knife bent towards the end to cut out the appropriate pattern from the fruit. We can also try to do it using a regular tablespoon or a small spoon. Of course, before you do this, remove the peel and wash the melon as described in the method above. This way we can peel the melon decoratively.

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