Therapeutic massage – what it looks like How it is performed

What a therapeutic massage looks like?

Therapeutic massage, as the name suggests, is used to help cure an ailment. The pressure exerted on the body allows to reduce pain and improve the functioning of the muscular and skeletal system. It can also be a pleasant form of relaxation. However, the choice of the appropriate type of therapeutic massage should belong to the specialist after a thorough analysis of the patient.

When you need a therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage is used in case of joint pain, back pain, backache, dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, post-traumatic treatment, treatment of posture defects, when supporting the treatment of respiratory insufficiency and nervous system diseases, as well as for muscle fatigue and acidification. An employee of ALTO specialist rehabilitation center in GdaƄsk explains: „The basis of therapeutic massage is the proper knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, so it is necessary to use qualified physiotherapists”.

Classical and segmental massage and fascial therapy

Therapeutic massages can be divided into several types. On classical massage consists of stroking, kneading, rubbing, rolling and patting the different parts of the body. Its duration ranges from several minutes to an hour. Segmental massage is used when a classic massage has not brought the desired results. It consists of many strokes during which the spine is gently massaged from the bottom to the top. It usually takes 20-30 minutes. A modern form of physiotherapy used to treat muscle and joint pain is fascial therapy, which is based on the concept of anatomical bands composed of fascia and muscles that support and regulate body movement. The massage consists in moving particular parts of the body in conscious cooperation with the patient and building new movement patterns.

Lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage

Compression massage called lymphatic drainage its aim is to improve blood and lymph flow, which will eliminate pain and reduce swelling. It consists of rubbing and pressing the skin in techniques that allow the lymph to flow. It is performed manually through circular hand movements or mechanically using a specialized apparatus. The lymphatic flow then occurs by letting air in and out of special cuffs. Deep tissue massage is gentle and proceeds at a slow pace. Its purpose is to reduce muscle tension and its relaxation, as well as to increase the fluidity of movement. For this purpose, the masseur uses elbows, forearms and fingers, excluding thumbs.

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