Longboard – a modern and safe alternative to a bicycle

Longboard as an urban alternative to a bicycle

People looking for a way to get around town quickly as an alternative to a traditional bike or scooter should check out a longboard. It is a specially elongated version of the traditional sorbet. It allows you to change location extremely quickly and safely without too much effort. What exactly is a longboard?? What are the benefits? And how to choose the first, right board?

Longboard is better than a bike

The element that distinguishes a longboard from a bike is its small size and weight. This allows you to take this board anywhere, including the car, train or public transport. What’s more, there is no need to pin it to a stand when visiting offices or malls. It is enough to take it in your hands and carry it with you. It is a significant time-saver, fully comfortable and 100% safe. In the initial stage of using the solution, you need to acquire dexterity and physical strength. However, people who use longboards point out that the way of riding is not more difficult than in the case of a scooter. What’s more, it is increasingly being used not only to move between points, but also to drive athletically.

How to choose your first board?

Specialists from Xtreme Shop explain that this type of skateboard is a real work of art. They are distinguished by attractive graphics placed on the surface of the board, although it should not be the deciding factor in choosing the right model. The most important thing is to pay attention to technical aspects that will ensure its comfortable use. The key factors are the length of the board and the so called. flex, or level of flexibility.

When choosing the first board, it is difficult to determine the type that fits you perfectly. Specialists recommend betting on a model of medium length and standard flexibility. It is also necessary to match it in terms of shape. The most popular are the teardrop-shaped pin tail resembling a surf version. It’s stable
And a comfortable solution for riding on flat surfaces.

Another is the twin tip i.e. symmetrical board, with a uniquely contoured front and back. It is recommended for city riding. The camber model, on the other hand, is distinguished by a characteristic convex curve. Mostly chosen by slightly heavier people who prefer to ride on soft boards. The last type is a rocker or concave board, which is ideal for fast and competitive riding.

Choosing the perfect longboard for you will be possible after you get the hang of it. Only by familiarizing yourself with how it works can you determine whether a soft or hard, long or short version is better.

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