The basis of a party menu, i.e. salads and snacks

Salads and snacks, the basis of a party menu. What to serve at a party?

One of the most important aspects at a party is the food. The party menu should be tasty, varied and colorful. That is why the most common choices are various snacks and salads. However, sometimes it is difficult to decide exactly what to prepare. What snacks and salads are best for a party?

Types of salads

The most popular salad on the table during the party is Greek salad. The main ingredients are olives, crumbled feta, tomatoes and red onions. It should be drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with freshly ground pepper and oregano. It can be served on baked bread or wheat pita.

Another well-known option is Gyros salad. It consists of fried chicken seasoned with gyros seasoning and vegetables such as corn, Chinese cabbage, peppers, cucumbers and onions. Everything should be topped with a sauce based on ketchup, mayonnaise and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Another popular option is vegetable salad. It is prepared on the basis of cooked vegetables: carrots, parsley, potatoes, green peas and pickled cucumbers. An important element is hard boiled egg. All ingredients should be diced and mixed with mayonnaise and sour cream. Salad is seasoned with salt and pepper.

Types of snacks

Snacks at a party can have different forms. Can be served in the form of boards of cold cuts and roasted meats Sliced into slices. Bread and horseradish are the perfect accompaniments. However, if the hosts or guests do not eat meat, you can serve a cheese board. A perfect match for them is cranberry jam.

Another option is preparing the toothpick appetizers. You can put almost anything on a toothpick. It can be just vegetables: tomato, basil and mozzarella or gouda cheese, cucumber and bread. Another option is a meat version: kabanos, peppers, cheese, salami, olives and toast.

A popular snack is stuffed eggs. They should be cooked first, and then the yolk should be hollowed out. To it you should add fried mushrooms with onion. Spread mayonnaise on the top and sprinkle with a little pepper.

How to determine the menu for a party?

When organizing a party it is good to know the taste preferences of your guests. It is important that there is something for everyone on the table.

As an expert from Hotel Solec says: „Preparing a menu for a party with friends or for a family party is a very important task. Food should be tasty and encourage to try it. When hosting such an event, it is important to make sure that no guest is allergic to the ingredient that will be in the dish and that everyone eats meat or dairy. If we don&#8217t have time to prepare food, a good solution may be to hire a restaurant or hotel that will do everything for us;.

When preparing a party, we must organize time to prepare all the food. If you are busy and do not like to cook, it may be a good idea to organize a party in the hotel restaurant. Everything is then organized, and an additional advantage is the possibility of accommodation in this hotel and rest after the event.

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