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The best wine for family dinners

Spring and summer are the times when we gather with our families. Celebrating Communions, Weddings, or Christenings. A bottle of good wine is a must at the dinner table. Sometimes, however, reconciling the tastes of the whole family can be a challenge.

How to find a wine that reconciles different tastes?

The answer may be to serve several wines. This way you will not only satisfy a diverse palette, but it will also be easier to choose a wine for a specific dish.

For the main course propose a reliable Chianti and for the cake – a dessert wine, e.g. popular Tokaj.

Rosé wine works perfectly as a compromise. Both red and white wine lovers will enjoy it. Pink wines also have the advantage of being light and fresh, so they won’t make your guests feel heavy.

On special occasions you can not miss the immortal champagne or sparkling wine.

What wine to serve with the communion dinner?

Serving alcohol during the communion dinner for some may be controversial, but in many homes is a standard.

If a white wine goes well with the dishes you prepare for communion, a good choice is a dry Chardonnay. Recommended by Robert Makłowicz Malatinszky Signature Chardonnay is a wine that is biodynamic, that is produced in harmony with nature. Wine is free from chemical additives, so you not only take care of your loved ones’ taste sensations, but also their health. The result is an aromatic wine with crisp notes of apples, green plums and mint.

In contrast, a red wine that will highlight the occasion is Spain’s Musso De Casa Rojo Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is the most popular strain because of its fresh fruity notes. In this unfussy, organic version, it impresses with a complex, harmonious bouquet.

What wine to serve with the christening dinner?

Although the wine should primarily be matched with the served dishes, some wines will bring out the best from almost any dish.

The safest option, both when you serve several courses and when your guests have different tastes, is a sparkling wine.

Prosecco is deservedly popular. It competes with champagne in taste, but is much more budget-friendly. La Jara Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry can serve as a refreshing aperitif, but will also find its way alongside an appetizer, main course or dessert. Apple notes and long-lasting bubbles in the glass will delight all gathered. Here again, it is worth noting that this organic Prosecco can also be safely served to vegans.

An interesting idea for a christening party is serving non-alcoholic wine. In this way also the breastfeeding mother will be able to make a toast.

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