What mistakes can be made when planning to get pregnant

Mistakes made when planning pregnancy

When trying to get pregnant it often happens that despite long lasting attempts, they do not bring any results. Many people in such situations immediately begin to think that one of the partners has some kind of fertility problem. There is of course such a possibility, but most often the problem is not related to the state of health or psyche of either of the parents, but to mistakes that are very often made while trying to get pregnant. So before you head to a specialist clinic for a series of tests, first check whether you are making any of the mistakes highlighted in the article.

Consulting a doctor too late

A series of tests to find out why you are having trouble getting pregnant is essential for couples who have been trying for a year and have not been able to get pregnant. According to World Health Organization WHO in such situations one can already talk about infertility. However, this does not mean that it is not also worthwhile to do some additional research beforehand. Young couples, that is those who are up to 35 years old, do not have to yet. But older couples, who have already passed this age, should go to see a gynecologist or endocrinologist already after six months of unsuccessful attempts to perform basic tests that could show the causes of the problems that have arisen. In turn in the case of couples who are already over forty, it is worthwhile to do the tests ordered by a specialist at the beginning of their journey, so as not to waste precious time later on. It is important to know that a person over the age of 40, whether male or female, is no longer as fertile and the tests that are carried out can indicate straight away whether there will be any problems with getting pregnant.

As explained by our interlocutor, a specialist from the Infertility Treatment Center Angelius Provita in Katowice: The chances of getting pregnant in the first month of regular unprotected sex are around 20-25% for women aged 25, according to experts., In a 30-year-old woman these chances drop to about 10-15 percent., The rate of fish consumption in a 40-year-old woman is only 4-8 percent;.

Not paying attention to a healthy lifestyle

Leading an unhealthy lifestyle that involves avoiding physical activity and frequent use of various stimulants is never good for a man. However, it turns out that if you are planning to get pregnant, an unhealthy lifestyle may be one of the reasons why your attempts will fail. The human body is like a machine, as long as all its elements are healthy and well maintained, then everything works perfectly. However, if we neglect a certain element, it can also affect other vital functions. Human fertility can be affected by many factors. For men, an unhealthy lifestyle will affect semen quality, i.e. on the number and motility of sperm, may also cause a decrease in testosterone, erectile dysfunction and reduced libido. In women, it will affect the number and condition of oocytes, general disruption of ovulation, and changes in the pH of cervical mucus.

Unhealthy diet

Problems with getting pregnant can also be caused by an improperly balanced diet. Nowadays, when most of us are so busy, unfortunately, very often instead of taking care of a healthy diet, we prefer to eat something fast, e.g. in bars or fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, many people do not fully realize that such food only helps to satisfy hunger, but at the same time does not satisfy the body’s demand for nutrients. Usually, unfortunately, this has an impact on us developing problems with obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes. Each of these conditions also affects the development of fertility problems. E.g. Overweight problems can cause ovarian dysfunction and hormone levels in women. In men, on the other hand, obesity can lead to hormonal imbalance and reduced testosterone.

Living under constant stress

If you are planning to get pregnant you should also we should do our best to avoid being in stressful situations. Of course, even unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant cause stress for many people, but it is not worth adding to these situations. Stress also leads to rapid hormonal changes in the body. According to the body, during high stress we are in a kind of crisis situation, so these are certainly not circumstances conducive to extending the species. What is important, this applies to both men and women. When trying to have a baby, both of you should slow down a bit and do everything you can to give yourself plenty of peace of mind.

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