What to replace bread with Fit recipes and places.

What to replace bread with?

Bread, due to its rich symbolism and culinary versatility, has permanently entered the domestic tradition. It is difficult to imagine our daily life without the presence of bread, but its frequent consumption can make us lose the satisfaction of taste. In such situations it is worth considering an interesting alternative. In the case of bread, it may be rice wafers, which are becoming more and more popular on Polish tables. Why rice cakes are a good substitute?

A few words about bread.

An old truth, repeated by nutritionists, tells us that the whiter the bread, the less nutritional value it brings to our body. White bread also lacks fiber, which is important for the regulation of the digestive system. The solution to this kind of problem can be the purchase of spelt bread, or dark bread with grains. Unfortunately, not everyone may like this variant, another thing is that it is more difficult to find, and also the price is much higher. What in this situation? Rice cakes are a perfect solution.

About rice wafers.

Rice waffles are made from both white and brown rice. Rice grains under the influence of high temperature and enormous pressure increase their volume. Then, folded into rings, they are shipped to the stores. Here it is important to analyze their composition. Many of them contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Only natural wafers are worth investing in. An example of such rice wafers is a high quality product of the renowned Kupiec brand. The multitude of variants in which there are wafers in this offer, as well as their attractive price make it worth investing in and changing something in our scanty eating habits.

Rice wafers are a fantastic alternative to bread. They can be used as sandwiches or even an addition to fit cakes, which will delight all palates. A good diet is a varied diet. It is worth remembering.

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