4 ideas for unusual Christmas dishes – Fit recipes and places.

4 ideas for unusual Christmas dishes

Short days, frost on the windows, Christmas advertisements on every corner – these are undeniable signs that clearly remind us that Christmas is just around the corner! Speaking of which, don’t forget about presents and… the Christmas menu!

Tradition, but with a little twist!

Pierogi, red borscht, carp in different versions… yes, these dishes appear on our Christmas Eve table every year. Of course, it’s hard to imagine Christmas without it, but why not add a little extravagance? Purists will probably reject this idea right away, but there are also people who find classic recipes boring and lacking flair. So why not add a little more variety to your Christmas menu while still staying true to tradition. We are for!

Taste Christmas all over again with our recipes!

If you are looking for interesting inspirations, you have come to the right place. We’ve prepared four special Christmas Eve recipes for you to help you rediscover the magic of Christmas. Check them out if you want to break the routine! Here they are:

  • Potato cake with pickled cucumbers (https://uwielbiam.pl/prescription/babka-ziemniaczana-z-z-ogorkami-kiszonymi) – a traditional dish of Belarusian cuisine, which also appears on Polish tables. How to describe it? In short – extremely aromatic, very tasty and extremely filling!
  • Fish cutlets (https://uwielbiam.en/preparation/fish cutlets-3) – a nutritious and tasty recipe, which can also be used during a family Christmas Eve dinner;
  • Salad with roasted potatoes and smoked fish (https://uwielbiam.You don’t have time and the first star is already in the sky? Choose this recipe and you’re sure to be in time for your guests’ visit!
  • Croquettes with mushrooms and buckwheat (https://uwielbiam.We’ve put together a range of recipes (e.g.: pl/prescription/croquettes-with-mushroom-and-wheat groats) which are one of the most popular festive dishes. In our version the croquettes are filled to the brim with a tasty stuffing of mushrooms and buckwheat.

Appetite grows as you read, right? Luckily, Christmas is coming!

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