Why you should avoid sweetened beverages Fit recipes and locations.

Why you should avoid sweetened beverages?

Although apparently sweetened beverages are loved by children, it is worth paying attention to one very important thing. Kids often want to eat and drink what adults do. So, in fact, the example goes “from the top”. If you have sugary drinks on the daily menu at home, you can hardly ask your child to be completely uninterested in them. Especially that we, as parents, are inconsistent in forbidding something that we ourselves reach for. Better to look for healthy alternatives.

Water really isn’t a bad thing

Drinking water is essential. An adult should drink at least two liters of water a day. But attention, normal water. Non-tasting, which is based on excess sugar and other harmful products. Of course it is perfectly understandable that for children such a drink may not be very attractive. There is, however, an alternative that will appeal to the youngest. Taste literally and figuratively, o here is a combination of great taste and healthy effects on the body.

Healthy ice tea drink

If you opt for a preservative-free ice tea with a healthy base, the kids will thank you. Not only tasty, but also great for quenching thirst when summer temperatures hit. Why choose such natural beverages? First of all, because unlike sweetened and carbonated drinks, such as Coca-Cola, these will actually quench your thirst.

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