How much to bake the loin In the oven, in a sleeve, at what temperature

How much to bake the pork loin?

How long to bake the loin? A well roasted pork loin is an exquisite and tasty dish. Can be served for a formal dinner or cold as a sandwich topping. It’s a leaner and healthier alternative to other types of pork. In order to ensure that our meat is not raw or too dry, but juicy and aromatic, we must remember about several important principles:

Roasting pork loin – rules

  • Roasting time is very important. If the loin is baked in one piece, we can assume that for every 1 kg of meat, there is 1 hour in the oven. If you bake it sliced, it is enough about 12 minutes for 1 piece.
  • It is good to marinate the meat well in advance, even a few hours before roasting. Use oil, garlic (can be sliced or minced) and your favorite herbs to taste, marjoram and rosemary are very good here.
  • Before roasting it is good to fry the pork on each side in a pan, It closes the pores and makes the meat even juicier inside.
  • The oven should be preheated to 190 degrees Celsius without the fan assist option or to 180 degrees with the fan assist option.
  • Due to the low fat content of the pork loin, it is very good to bake it in a heatproof dish or in baking foil. The addition of carrots, parsley, celery or apples will make the meat even more juicy and aromatic.

Remembering these few important points, we can be sure that our dish will come out perfectly and in a short time will disappear from the plate, to the last piece.

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