6 reasons to eat breakfast! You had no idea about this Fit

6 reasons why you should eat breakfast!

If you are one of those people who do not have time to prepare a meal first thing in the morning, or simply do not feel hungry after waking up, this article is for you! Skipping breakfast can be very bad for your body, your mood and your figure. Find out why it is worth eating.

1. Possibility of snacking – even sweets!

Surely you like sweet bread or chocolate cereal. We have great news for you: there is no better time to eat them without remorse. A sweet breakfast will speed up your metabolism and reduce your craving for high calorie snacks during the day.

2. More calories burned

It has been proven that people who eat breakfast burn on average 150 kcl more during the day than those who go to work fasting. By comparison, you will burn the same amount of calories cycling for half an hour. A 13-year study found that people who regularly eat breakfast are 12% less likely to be obese.

3. More energy for the whole day

Do you feel tired and sluggish just after leaving home?? This is because your body has not received the necessary “fuel” after the 12-hour break between meals. Right after waking up, your blood sugar is at its lowest level of the day. Make sure your breakfast is balanced and contains as much nutrients as possible. Choose foods that contain complex carbohydrates (e.g. Wholemeal bread, oatmeal) – thanks to them you will stay full longer.

4. Better brain function

People who eat breakfast think better (thanks to the sugars in their food, the brain works more efficiently). Researchers closely link regular breakfast eating with better reflexes and memory ability.

5. Less risk of disease

Reduce your risk of developing diabetes by 50% by preparing the morning meal every day! Eating breakfast will keep your sugar and insulin levels stable, and you will not be prone to „hunger attacks”.

6. A healthy body

Eating breakfast regularly supports the immune system. A study conducted by scientists at American universities found that people who regularly eat breakfast are more resistant to infections and less likely to get colds and flu.

Breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day. There is a reason it has earned this nickname. Eat a nutritious meal in the morning is undoubtedly a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and eating it seems to be the easiest way to take care of your health, well-being and appearance. So it may be worth your time?

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