How to cook corn and how long it takes to cook it

How long to cook corn?

Corn belongs to the family of grasses and is an annual plant. It comes in several varieties. It is also grown in Poland. However, it is worth knowing which corn is best for cooking. Check, how long to cook corn and how to do it.

Which corn will be the best? What to look for when buying?

To get a good taste, choose corn that has green leaves. The leaves must come off the cob. It is not advisable to select bright yellow cobs, as this may indicate that the corn is old. When choosing corn from a package, be careful that the foil is not already open. The stem must not be blackened and the tip must not be dried out.

How to cook corn step by step?

It is important to remember that do not boil the corn in salted water. When we cook corn with salt, the cob can become hard. Sugar can be used instead of salt. It is advisable to use salt with the corn after cooking. In order to cook corn well, you need to clean the leaves and cut off the stalk. This is a good way to check if our corn is fresh. When the corn is fresh, the stalk can be cut off without any problem. It is good to prepare a large pot. The corn must be fully covered under water during cooking. It’s also good for the pot to be wide enough for the corn cobs to rotate freely in it.

To boil corn or not?

Corn can be put in boiling water. However, you must then watch the time so that the corn is not overcooked. With boiling water you can cook the corn faster.

How much to cook the corn?

Corn should be cooked for 10 to 15 minutes. However, it all depends on how you cook the corn. The corn should be steamed for 30 to 45 minutes. With such variety, we can cook corn in different ways. It is good to check from time to time with a fork what the condition of the corn is. This way we can be sure that our corn will be perfectly cooked.

How to serve corn?

Corn can be served in different ways. You can add it to a salad, which will be a perfect complement to dinner. Can also be served as a main dish. A very good snack is corn cooked with garlic butter. Corn will also go very well with Mexican chili. And very popular is corn soup with peppers. In summer season, corn can be served grilled. Corn can also be served with dumplings. Pancakes with corn are an alternative to standard pancakes. This makes the corn great for various summer events as an addition to fresh and healthy dishes.

Corn is a very healthy vegetable that is worth eating. It is also good to include it in the diet of your whole family including children. Thanks to this we can eat healthy in different ways. It is advisable to use corn in season when it is available fresh from the field. Then you can be sure that your corn is not sprayed or contains any chemicals that could spoil your dish.

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