Can you freeze butter How to do it properly

Can you freeze butter?

Butter is an edible fat. It is made from cream, which we get, from cow’s or goat’s milk. This natural product must be stored properly because it goes rancid. Which can lead to serious food poisoning. We are often asked: how to store butter? Can you freeze butter? Although many facts and myths have been written on this subject, the answer is yes. Yes, butter can be frozen. Provided it is stored properly.

How to freeze butter?

Butter is a product worth having in reserve. Freezing edible fat is the safest way to protect it from spoilage. If properly protected, it will retain its flavor and after defrosting will be fit for consumption. Can you freeze butter? Of course. Butter cubes in the freezer can be stored for six to eight months. Longer storage can be dangerous for our digestive system.

Butter should be removed from its original packaging before freezing. Then put them in a suitable box. There are many food containers on the market suitable for safe food freezing. They are ideal for freezing butter. Hermetically sealed they are practical and cheap. Have the required attestations and certificates. Food grade plastic bags and cling film are an excellent alternative to containers. These products are widely available. Ready product for freezing can be divided into portions.

Can you freeze butter? Yes. Freezing foods is an ideal way to extend their life. Frozen butter does not lose its valuable nutritional values.

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