How to peel ginger Do you peel ginger for tea?

How to peel ginger?

Ginger is a cultivated plant, belonging to the ginger family. The origin of ginger is not fully known. It probably comes from Melanesia. It consists of a long stem, large lance-shaped leaves and green-yellow flowers with a touch of violet. Ginger rhizome is a spice plant that is well known all over the world, but mainly associated with Asian cuisine. It has a characteristic, intensive aroma and a sharp and slightly burning taste. It has a rather distinctive skin, which makes it Many people have problems with peeling ginger.

Ginger properties

Ginger is worth using not only for its taste, but also because of its health-promoting properties. It is a rich source of many valuable ingredients, such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, vitamin B2 and B6. Ginger also contains essential oils which are a source of substances such as monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. Regular consumption of ginger can help with many ailments. It positively influences the functioning of the nervous system, aids digestion and immunity, has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates memory and concentration. Quite important is the way of storing this plant. Some people wonder whether to peel the ginger right before eating it or before putting it in the fridge. The parts that you want to use in cooking should be peeled just before cooking, but the parts that you want to keep longer should be left peeled, which will make the ginger retain its properties for a longer time.

What to add ginger to?

Ginger is very versatile and has many uses in the kitchen. It works well in both sweet and savory dishes. It will enhance the taste of many dishes and give them a slightly tart, characteristic flavor. It can be safely used in meat dishes as well as soups. Not to be missed in exotic dishes. It is also useful in various marinades and sauces. It will go well with soy sauce and lime. A very well-known drink is tea with ginger. Many people wonder whether to peel ginger for tea. Since ginger should be peeled before consumption, it should also be peeled when added to tea.

How to peel ginger?

How to peel ginger? For many people, peeling ginger seems time-consuming or complicated, but it is actually not difficult. It is best to treat it like most root crops. There are different ways to peel ginger. You can do it with a knife, spoon or peeler.


Peeling ginger with a knife

If we decide to do it this way When peeling ginger, it is best to choose a knife, whose blade is narrow and thin. Gently press the blade into the root and slowly peel off the skin. However, we have to be careful and peel the ginger thinly so as not to cut off too much of the precious interior.

Scraping the ginger with a spoon

Many people wonder How to peel ginger with a spoon. It may indeed sound a little strange at first, but it is a really effective way. Just stick the edge of a teaspoon into the root and scrape off the skin.

Peeling ginger with a peeler

Peeling ginger with a peeler is similar to peeling with a knife. Be careful not to cut off too much of the ginger interior. With a peeler it can be a little more difficult because of the irregular shape of the ginger, but it is also an effective way.

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