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Shrimps in mayonnaise sauce

Shrimps in recent years have hit the tables of Poles, who simply without passion delight in this seafood. While once upon a time, this was the kind of dish that was exotic, today, you can get it at relatively low prices in many stores (even home discounters). All about the reason why shrimps and prawns are increasingly finding their way onto our tables. What is the best way to prepare a dish using shrimps?? Today we recommend shrimp in mayonnaise sauce, taste perfect and are perfect for both a dinner for guests and a casual meal.

Recipe for shrimp in sauce

How to prepare delicious prawns with mayonnaise sauce? The best way to make this dish FIT! But is this even possible? Finally, mayonnaise doesn’t get a very good press, and it’s unlikely many would count it as a healthy food. Hence the surprise of many readers when they see the title of the entry on the portal bearing the name BEST FIT MEALS. So is there something wrong? Well, no! Provided that you use the right kind of mayonnaise for the dish, one that has reduced fat and sugar content e.g. Kielecki mayonnaise light, which contains as much as 30% less of the said ingredients. How to use it in the kitchen when preparing shrimps in sauce?

Shrimp in mayonnaise sauce

Rinse the prawns thoroughly under running water, season and fry over a medium heat, then add a clove of garlic for flavour. In the meantime, mix light mayonnaise with cream in a 1:1 ratio and add pepper, herbs, and a bit of mint, which will enrich the dish with an amazing aftertaste. When the shrimps start to brown add the sauce to them and cook for a few minutes while the flavours mix perfectly. Shrimp is good to serve with fresh vegetables: salad, tomatoes, sprouts.

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