Can you freeze boletes How to properly freeze boletes

Can boletes be frozen?

Boletus These are some of the most popular mushrooms harvested in Poland. How to freeze them properly? Autumn is associated with the beautiful smell of the forest and, consequently, its gifts. Falling, multicolored leaves and under them what cooks like the most… Mushrooms. The dishes that can be conjured up from them can warm us up amazingly on cold days. The problem arises when you collect too many mushrooms.

Can boletes be frozen?

There are many ways of processing mushrooms, but whether they are dried or marinated, they do not have as intense flavor as fresh ones.

How to freeze boletes

To preserve the aroma of the forest fruits you can simply freeze them. Unfortunately only some mushrooms are suitable for such storage. One of them is the mushroom beloved by mushroom pickers. They are mushrooms with an amazing smell and very distinctive taste, which at the same time after cooking or frying have a perfect consistency.

Freezing boletes

But to the point… How to freeze boletes, So that after defrosting they taste as they did the day they were brought to our kitchen? There is nothing difficult here. It is enough to wash and clean it thoroughly. Then, we leave them to dry. You can use paper towels or a cotton cloth to spread the mushrooms on.

When boletes Once it’s dry, place it on a freezer rack so it doesn’t touch, and when it’s fully frozen you can put it all together in one container to free up space for more mushrooms. A good tip: I put baking paper on the freezer shelf to prevent the mushrooms from sticking to the glass or plastic surface.

Mushrooms after defrosting taste perfect, retaining all the flavor and nutritional values. This way you can enjoy the flavours of autumn all winter long. Read also about how to dry mushrooms.

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